Money with a mission: Cultivating freedom and prosperity

In the spirit of Human Rights Day this March, we are called to celebrate the fundamental right to freedom that all South Africans hold dear. But the concept of freedom transcends our political and social lives, touching on the essence of financial liberty and our ability to sculpt our fiscal futures.

Lynne Twist, in her book “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life,” Hers a compelling analogy that invites us to reconceptualise our fiscal dynamics: “Money is like water. It flows, ebbs, and carries with it our intentions and desires. It can be a conduit for commitment, a token of ejection, and a tool for meaningful change. It has the potential to nourish not just our bank accounts, but our values, relationships, and the world at large. In this view, money becomes not just a means of transaction, but a form of expression — of our integrity, our generosity, and our intentions.”

Inspired by this perspective, let’s explore how to align our financial habits with our deepest convictions, enriching both our wealth and the world around us.


The fluidity of money

Money’s fluidity allows it to be a powerful force for good, reflecting our priorities and enabling us to actualise our most heartfelt commitments. In my experience as a

financial adviser, guiding money in the direction of our greatest aspirations not only benefits us personally but has a ripple effect, enhancing the lives of those in our orbit and beyond. This ethic of appreciation — recognising and nurturing what we value — can transform our approach to financial planning, leading to prosperity that’s both personal and shared.


Collaborative wealth

Twist’s maxim, “Collaboration creates prosperity,” speaks to the collective power we harness when we unite towards common financial goals. Partnering with skilled advisers and engaging in family financial planning are key facets of this collaborative approach, laying a foundation for intergenerational wealth that sustains and nurtures

future generations. It is through such alliances that we can craft a legacy of wealth that is both sustainable and aligned with our common goals. By embracing the power of

togetherness in our financial strategies, we establish a fertile ground for prosperity that reaches beyond the individual to enrich the whole of our familial and social fabric.


Ethical financial choices

Ethical financial planning is not merely about accumulating wealth but doing so in a manner that is harmonious with our principles. It’s about making investment choices

that are not only financially sound but also socially conscientious, ensuring our money moves in the world as a force for positive change.


Sufficiency over excess

The pursuit of sufficiency — understanding that true abundance stems from having enough, not an excess — is a transformative concept in financial planning. This mindset encourages us to set pragmatic goals and appreciate the wealth we already possess, fostering a healthy relationship with money as a tool that enables our lives, rather than the pinnacle of success.


Utilising all our assets

Twist inspires us to tap into our comprehensive wealth — our character, skills, networks, and beyond. These assets, often overlooked in financial discourse, are pivotal in overcoming life’s challenges and seizing its opportunities. By leveraging these diverse resources, we can craft inventive financial strategies, forge robust connections, and take a holistic approach to wealth management.

As we ponder Human Rights Day and the essence of freedom it celebrates, these principles provide a robust framework for redefining our financial interactions.

Embracing the ideals of fluidity, appreciation, collaboration, integrity, and sufficiency can profoundly change our relationship with money. Let us pledge to use money as a reflection of our values and as a tool for positive impact, ensuring our financial decisions resonate with the freedom and rights we cherish.


Talk to a financial adviser about how to craft a financial plan that reflects your values using it as a tool for positive impact, ensuring your financial decisions resonate with the freedom and rights we cherish.




Created by: Chrisley Botha CFP® professional.

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