Leaderex 2023 – Feedback

This is what our presenters, planners and staff had to say about this year’s event.


“My experience as a CFP, representing the FPI at the Leaderex 2023 event was an eye opener. I was surprised by the sheer numbers of consumers who approached us for answers to their financial questions, this event again underlined the gaping hole that still exists in the financial advisory space. Most of the interviews I had were with regular working folks who had no idea how to prioritise their financial challenges and then how to go about changing their behaviour.

I was shocked to discover that property investment was once again top of mind for these visitors, with many of them seeking ways to become property investors. This is even though they had none of the first principles in place, meaning no will, no estate plan, no risk cover, no emergency fund, and some of them hardly making ends meet. This is a golden opportunity for proper advice intervention, but sadly these folks might end up going down the rabbit hole of dubious investment schemes, where the real cost of failure will put you back decades financially.

The FPI had an impressive stand with large crowds attending the speaker sessions, and many guests queuing to speak to an advisor. I still get the feeling that as advisors we are still only scratching the surface in terms of our reach to the general population, and the level of guidance we can provide to those who need it most”. – Wynand du Toit, CFP® professional


“My experience at Leaderex showed me the growing need for financial literacy amongst people. It is important for us as professionals in the field to impart as much knowledge whenever necessary.

The continued exchange of views and opinions with the panel and to the crowd brought to my attention the significance of a platform like Leaderex, not just to the community at large, but to us as financial professionals.

What stood out for me were the one-on-one conversations I had with the people who sought financial advice from me. Their keenness on the topic was enlightening.

I look forward to participating in another Leaderex because it has provided me with the opportunity to engage with people on a topic, I’m passionate about”. – Thulisile Nkomo CFP®


“The 2023 LeaderEx conference was a huge success with captivating speakers and content during its entire duration. The FPI room was filled to the brim with people having to create informal overflow seating. The FPI also had Certified Financial Planners in their booth, waiting to provide practical solutions and advise to those who needed it. In the FPI auditorium, some of the practical sessions that definitely pulled a chord for me, were Nikki Bush’s talk,” And so it begins: the impact of death on your family and finances,” where she related to her own experiences and how her life changed when death knocked on her door. Death is a topic we hardly enjoy talking about, but her talk made it glaring the gaps we leave in our planning and how important it is to have the appropriate insurances to cover those gaps. She also shared a helpful checklist that you can use to make sure that your

loved ones know where to find your important details and documents when you are no longer around.

Another striking talk was that on” Kids and financial literacy,” content created by Sydney Sekese and presented by our own Lelané Bezuidenhout who spoke passionately about the importance of educating our children about money. Kids learn what they live and so it is important to model the right behaviour for them to emulate. Children need the right kind of role models which is why, we as parents should always be mindful of what we say and do about money in front of our children. She mentioned practical suggestions that we can employ to help our children such as teaching them about budgeting and saving as well as helping them to understand the value of earning money. Once you have succeeded at this, you need to help groom them on the importance of stewardship.

Finally, Ricardo Teixeira, shared on “How to create wealth as a business owner: Strategies for financial success.” Most businesspeople are so busy working in the business, they forget to do any of their own personal financial planning, as during their lifetime, the business was the anchor for their activity. Businesses are a great way of creating wealth during your lifetime, but it is important to ensure that they also create a legacy for your loved ones when you pass on. One of the ways to do this, is to ensure you have an appropriate succession plan in place, and this can include buy and sell agreements, contingency liability, and a valid will to help with the execution of these agreements. As a business owner, your exit strategy is as important as your business development, sales, or marketing strategy thus it should never be overlooked.

Once again, well done to the FPI for providing access to worldclass financial information that will help those who attended with the tools they need to succeed financially”. – Tsungai Masendeke, CFP®


“It was an honour to speak at LeaderEx and thank you FPI for the opportunity. I loved that I got to speak about Stokvels, something that our people understand, sharing insights on how to do things better taking into account digitisation and also stressing on the importance of unity in commUNITY”. –  Mulalo Nemataheni, CFP®


“Leaderex offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with industry peers and potential clients. The event serves as a valuable source of knowledge and insights that can be directly applied to one’s daily life. Attending Leaderex annually is a must, as it consistently provides actionable takeaways that can significantly enhance both personal and professional practices”. – Nonhlanhla Nxele, CFP®

“I had a great time listening to professionals that shared valuable insights and got us thinking about the future of the industry as well as opened up dialogue for continuous development. I also got to network with many industry colleagues, which nourished my soul”. – Petronella Nkobe, CFP®

“Apart from the opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions of the various participants on the day, the vibe and interaction with the public on behalf of FPI was a privilege.

It is clear from the number of people that visited the FPI stand, that there is a real need for professional advice as offered by CFP professionals. While we service our client base in our own practices in a manner that they become friends over time, it is clear that the public in general are in real need for our services to be extended to help a much wider audience.

I want to thank and commend the FPI for these kinds of initiatives to engage with the public to get a better understanding of the value we can add as professional financial advisors”. – Johann Krüger, CFP®

“The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing! It was so great to see so many younger people spilling out of the conference rooms, asking questions, and having important conversations about money. Looks like the financial planning profession has a bright future”. – Paul Nixon, CFP®


“I just want to express how thankful I am to have been invited to LeaderEx.

Listening to the Different speakers from Palesa Dube to Francois Du Doit, The MC, Tsungai Masendeke and all the speakers who came and shared their expertise in their relative fields within the Financial Planning field has really brought context to what the field is about and applying the knowledge imparted to own life as well.

As someone who is about to embark on the PG Dip in Fin Planning qualification, I found the experience very inspiring and informative.

I hope I get an invite in 2024 again” 😊– Amu


“This year I had the opportunity to attend Leaderex as an attendee, what an experience!

I spent 80% of the day at in the FPI box naturally and left with so much knowledge and insights I know I’ll most likely use some day.

Nikki Bush is such a phenomenal speaker and her story really hit home and struck a chord with me. It’s not an easy conversation to have with loved ones but we honestly do need to plan for what happens in the event of death and write down what exactly you want to happen where everything is and let your loved ones know who has all this information. I signed up for her checklist as she calls it, and I will be working my way through that. I am single with no dependents and didn’t see it necessary at this stage in my life, but I definitely see the importance after Nikki’s talk.

Samke was another powerhouse of note, her talk really resonated with me. I am a black female and hearing about the experiences of a black female is always nice it validates a lot of things and offers insights and advice as to how to navigate some shared experiences. I didn’t know who she was before but now follow her on socials and enjoy her content.

Special mention also to the MC of the day Tsungai, she was the MC with so much grace and was a ball of energy never a dull moment between speakers and she really set the tone for an interactive environment. She did an amazing job.

Overall, it was a really great experience and I walked away with a new perspective on a lot of things and so much knowledge and insight”. – Dudu


“I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Leaderex.

It was very insightful, and it definitely helped me learn so much more about the industry and what it has to offer”. – Lebu

“Usually, these events are boring and repetitive of the usual topics, but this was a very well-planned, thoughtful, worthwhile event. All topics were exciting, relatable, and made you think about your future planning, risk, wills, retirement, saving and the benefits of having a Financial Planner to pull it all together.

All the speakers were AMAZING, fun, engaging and really made you feel excited about financial planning – will be in attendance or next year.” – Kim


“The event was well attended, and registrants were kept entertained and stimulated with the speaker line-up.

I found the speakers engaging and their lively and interactive presentations was relevant to the financial challenges that is being faced by many South Africans. Listening to the speakers share not only their knowledge but experiences allowed consumers to reflect on their current approach to financial planning. This reflection was evident in the type of questions that was asked. It resulted in lively interactive discussions which was appealing to me”. – Fatima


“As a new member of the team as well as being new to the finance field, having the opportunity to go to the Leaderex convention on behalf of the FPI was a great honour and I was exposed to a bit of what the FPI does and what makes the organisation tick. The program that the FPI gave on the day was an eye-opener for me personally. I feel in my family we never spoke about finances and the future we need to be preparing for to live comfortably when we retire or even in the face of a loss of a spouse or even divorce. I will be “futureproofing’ my life as well as making sure my children do the same”. – Cindy


“The speakers were truly exceptional, delivering insightful and engaging presentations that left a lasting impact, offering valuable insights and expertise on a wide range of relevant topics.

The lineup of speakers was outstanding, each bringing a unique perspective and adding significant value to the event. The quality of the speakers was top-notch, making the event both informative and inspiring”.  – Lerone


“This was my first LeadeEx and it was wonderful. I learnt a lot about the financial industry and how different stakeholders operate within it.

I especially enjoyed the programme provided by the FPI. The information opened my eyes to how death affects finances and how to prepare for the impact of death on finances.

I also learnt about overall financial preparedness and different impacts not being prepared could have.” – Felicity


“I cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend Leaderex this year. I had an incredibly enriching time. The sessions I attended were not only informative but also thought-provoking and invaluable. I particularly appreciated the diversity of topics covered and the calibre of the speakers on the day I attended Leaderex. I must admit, I am already eagerly looking forward to the next Leaderex event”. – Nickey


“As someone who likes to make plans and have everything set out for ease of reference, I always ensure that I have everything that I could potentially need at all times. On the other hand, as a millennial, I did not fully comprehend the importance of making financial planning part of my future. We tend to think that we need to live in the present and not make provisions for the future, but boy oh boy was I taken aback. At Leaderex, the insightful presentation by Nikki Bush (Speaker and Author) at the Financial Planning Institutes booth has truly opened my mind. From ensuring that all documents are at hand in the event of a death, to knowing the steps needed to be taken when submitting claims (and it was a lot) indicated that I had to take remedial action immediately. My family and I can now be rest assured that should there be a death in our family, the burden with all administration items has already been set aside and this would then give us an opportunity to peacefully bury our loved ones”. – Jarmaine


“I had a very rewarding experience at the financial planning conference. The speaker line up was excellent, covering a range of topics that were current, relevant, and presented in an engaging way. I learned a lot from the experts and enjoyed the lively discussions. There were times when I could not find a seat because the sessions were so well-attended.

One of the highlights for me was Nikki Bush’s presentation on the first few months after the loss of a loved one. She shared her personal story and gave practical tips on how to cope with grief and manage finances during that difficult period. It was very touching and inspiring. She also had a great sense of humour and made us laugh even in the midst of sadness. Another highlight was having financial planners onsite providing pro-bono financial advice to anyone who needed it. FPI was also on site to assist young people contemplating a career in Financial Planning with information on the designations available at each stage of the financial planning career journey.

I want to express my gratitude to the organisers for putting together such a valuable and enjoyable event. I’m looking forward to attending the next one”. – Ronald



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