Global Money Week 2024

We had an invaluable time celebrating GMW2024 together with you on 18-24 March 2024! This year’s GMW theme was “Protect your money, secure your future” which focused on safe money management and highlights the importance of adopting a responsible and informed approach to personal finances, by being aware of potential risks in the financial sector and protecting one’s own hard-earned money. Such risks may include financial scams and frauds, including phishing, money muling and online shopping scams, and risks related to data privacy, such as identity theft.


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Calling all students to embark on an exciting financial adventure with a free webinar from FPI on Monday 18 March 2024 at 15:00.


Let Sherry Tapfuma, CFP® and Craig Torr, CFP®  from Crue Academy be your guides as you navigate the Student Financial Journey, gaining indispensable insights into mastering money management skills that will pave the way to a future of financial freedom. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your financial outlook and thrive in the world of smart money choices.

Know how to identify scams and frauds and protect your hard earned money

You will gain valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of the financial landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions and fortify your financial well-being. Together, let us empower you to be proactive stewards of your own financial futures and resilient against emerging threats in the digital age.

Key areas of focus will include shedding light on various financial threats, such as scams and frauds, encompassing phishing attempts, money muling schemes, and online shopping scams.

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