Tokiso Nthebe

Tokiso Nthebe is an author, Financial Coach, Financial Educator, an approved Financial Services Advisor (FSA) with the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) South Africa and founder of TKO Consultancy. With over 11 years of working experience in the financial services and telecommunication industries, he is knowledgeable about personal finance matters.

Through his YouTube channel, Podcast and personal finance column, Tokiso is an avid financial education content creator, helping young professionals better manage their money, save and plan for their futures. He is also a regular contributor to print and web publications where he writes extensively on personal finance, is an experienced speaker and facilitator.

He holds a Master of Commerce (MCom) degree in Financial Management from the University of Pretoria (UP), a postgraduate diploma in Financial Planning Law and a short course in Financial Coaching from the School of Financial Planning at the University of the Free State (UFS). He is also a published author with the Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences (UFS) titled “Perception of retirement adequacy in Lesotho – Behavioural and socio-economic influences”.