Norma Falconer

With a career spanning over 30-years in the Financial Services Industry, South African born Australian, Norma Falconer has worked in banking, founded, grown & sold 3 financial planning businesses, started a stockbroking branch & worked in an insurance company.
She has coached thousands of clients to see the roadblocks that prevent them from moving forward to achieve their Financial Goals & Objectives and has helped many clients to become millionaires and more
She has managed investments & retirement funds for high-net-worth clients, helped clients manage their risk by implementing personal insurance solutions & supported Business Owners to implement their Succession Plans.
She has assisted families to complete their Inter-Generational Wealth Transfers & created structures for clients to grow wealth, retain wealth & bequeath wealth.
Driven by her commitment to educating, empowering, and equipping others to be connected to their money & aligned with their values, she is devoted to helping people Take Control of their lives, which leads to a purposeful life of health, wealth happiness & financial freedom.