Mona Manzambi

I am Mona, an Associate Financial Planner by profession that works with Life and Financial Planning. I was unaware of this profession until I encountered this module in my 3rd year and fell completely in love with it – largely due to how I believe access to a financial planner could have resulted in a better financial position for my family, and many other families in SA at large. This is what I want for South Africa & Africa at large, a nation with financially savvy and independent individuals. In addition to holding a ‎CFP® designation, I have completed my MCom in Investment Management (Cum Laude) at the University of Johannesburg with a focus on ‘Black Tax: How it impacts the working class in South Africa’. I host/participate in financial literacy workshops regularly and I annually structure and lead give-back projects, that focus on enhancing the education experience in primary and/or high schools.