Michael Stow

Michael’s practice is national with some offshore clients. His lifelong passion and expertise lies in optimising insurance and investment plans. Michael’s focus is primarily on group employee health, retirement and risk benefit schemes, with qualifications in SA and the UK, and he has worked extensively with multinationals across the globe include the USA and Canada.

This evolved to deconstructing all cost elements, matching asset allocations, funding rates and levels of insurance between employer groups to individual family’s personal and financial plans. Tax optimisation and offshore investing are cornerstones of Michael’s approach to risk diversification. Where possible, fee based consulting is preferred to commissions – transparent, accountable – which motivated Michael to found his independent consultancy in 1999.

His passion for numbers, has been softened by compassion for people and their families; Michael prides himself that his firm knows every single of their thousands of clients, individually.

Recreational past times include music (guitar, piano), literature and an unquestionable love of the ocean.